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SL Naturals

As times have progressed so have the diseases and illnesses that surround us, one of the major reasons for this is the majority of food and other ingestibles we intake are heavily processed and fail to provide one with the nutritional value needed. We believe that natural products help a person become healthier and happier and stops one from even developing severe health issues.

A natural remedy was needed, and after a lot of research and development we brought
nature to you, go back to your roots, go back to nature.

Nature Can Never Go Wrong.

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Chair Person-SL Group

Dr. Shaista Lodhi

A prominent celebrity and a renowned doctor, Dr. Shaista Lodhi is a profound Aesthetic Physician and skin specialist. After years of experience in dermatology and laser, it was her dream to create a brand that is accessible and affordable to all Pakistani’s. Her clinic SL Aesthetics has already treated many patients and celebrities. Aspiring to give back to the society, after the outstanding response from SL Basics an organic skin care and cosmetics brand, she wanted to start a health based brand which helps society go back to their roots, by introducing a line of natural products, which are healthier and safer for all to use, not just a luxury but an essential for everyday use.

Our Team

The C.E.O Faiz Wahidi is behind the management of the brand SL Naturals, having a more eco-friendly approach towards business he believes that by staying true to our roots and working towards making a difference we can contribute to making a healthier nation and a safer planet.